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Just signed up … Bye bye AT&T. Good luck on your data caps.
Jesse - Facebook Comment
I’ve had Conexa for about a month now and am happy with it. It’s fast and the price is very reasonable. They have very good customer service too. I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of the cable company.
Felix - Facebook Comment
Been using Conexa over a month now, excellent speed at a dynamite price!
Michael - Facebook Comment

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Step 1. Check for Service

Click Here to go to our Serviceability Checker and see if your address is eligible for Conexa Unlimited Internet. We wish we could provide service to every home and business in the world, but for now we’ve got to make sure we can provide you with the awesome service you deserve! If your address is eligible for service you’ll be taken to our order page where you can get signed up. If your address is not serviceable then we’ll let you know how badly we wish we could service your address and we hope you check back with us in the future!

Step 2. Easy Sign-Up

Signing up is so easy! If you’re signing up online you just check your address for serviceability (step 1) and then complete the form. Bam! Done! Rather talk to a human being? No problem, just give our Customer Care team a call at 1.888.807.0544 and they can take care of everything for you! We don’t ask for things like your date of birth or social security number because we don’t think getting Internet service should mean giving up all of your personal information.

Step 3. Professional Installation

Seems like everyone just mails you a modem these days with a letter that says “Good Luck!” But why? You’re not a technician. Or maybe you are, but hey, just in case you’re not we’re going to take care of setting everything up. A technician will arrive at your home or business and take care of setting up the modem and making sure you have a connection before they leave. Why? Because we love you! Our install times are not awesome, we know it, but you get a better connection and you never have to worry about a contract! That’s worth waiting a few extra days!

Step 4. Enjoy Unlimited Internet!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Internet the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Without limits! We never throttle your connection because you’re using “too much” data and we never cap your usage. We love America and Freedom, and data caps are plain un-American! Connect all of your devices to your WiFi modem so you can watch a streaming movie, your kids can game online, and your spouse can browse social media and listen to music … without worrying about hurting each others connection!

Connect Everything!

Connect all of your WiFi capable devices to your FREE WIFI MODEM! Don’t waste precious mobile data at home, connect your phones and tablets to your WiFi modem and let everyone enjoy their devices without worrying about going over a data cap. This is how the Internet was meant to be enjoyed, UNLIMITED!


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