Compare Conexa

How does Conexa work? What makes it special? How does it compare to other providers? Let’s take a look!

Conexa Service Packages

Conexa Unlimited

  • Speeds Up-To 7.5Mbps
  • Free Equipment
  • Great for Surfing, Streaming Music and Video

Conexa Plus

  • Speeds Up-To 12.5Mbps
  • Free Equipment
  • Great for Lag Free Online Gaming

Conexa Turbo

  • Speeds Up-To 20Mbps
  • Free Equipment
  • Great for Streaming HD Video

How do we stack up?

Conexa AT&T Comcast Cox
No Contract Monthly Service
No Credit Check
No Data Cap – Unlimited Data
Business Class Service for Homes

What is Business Class Service?

What does Business Class Internet Service mean?

A normal Residential connection sends your data through a series of congested switches, lines, and servers before getting from its destination back to your home. With Conexa, you get a connection that skips the mess and provides priority service!

Our connections use existing service lines but your data gets to skip to the front of the line, giving you a faster connection to the things you want, like; HD Video, Music, Lag Free Gaming, and anything else you want to do on the Internet!

Other providers throw around big numbers when they talk about their speed, but it doesn’t compare to the Business Class service you get at your home with Conexa!

99.9% Uptime

Why Conexa?