Frequently Asked Questions

Conexa is a High Speed Internet company that provides Unlimited service for your home or business.  Our service is delivered on the same National Fiber-backed Network that AT&T provides U-Verse on.

Do I need a Land-Line/Home Phone for this service?

No, Conexa does not require you to have a home phone. It is a stand-alone service.

Conexa Unlimited Internet allows everyone in your home to do everything they’re used to doing with High Speed Internet.

  • Connect all of your devices at home – Phone, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop, Gaming Console, Blu-Ray
  • Stream your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Music – Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify
  • Online Gaming – PS4, Xbox1 etc.
  • Surfing the Web and Downloading at High Speed- Youtube, Facebook, Online Shopping, News
Conexa Unlimited Internet package availability is determined by your home’s physical location. 

  • Conexa Unlimited: $55/Mo with speed up to 7.5 Mbps
  • Our Unlimited service is so fast that the average Conexa Customer connects between 3-5 devices at one time with this package and uses Conexa to stream TV & Movies in HD 4 hours a day!
  • Turbo Unlimited: $75/Mo with speed up to 20 Mbps
  • Turbo connects even more devices and allows for more streaming, gaming and browsing simultaneously at high speed!

* One-Time Activation – $50 (Covers Professional Installation & Wi-Fi Modem)

Once your order and initial payment has been processed, we’ll secure the next available appointment in your area and schedule it as close to your preferences you provided during signup.

Conexa has contracted with AT&T to provide professional installation. An AT&T technician will arrive to install your service and someone 18 or older must be at home. Requests to reschedule are accepted prior to your installation appointment.

We accept Cash and Card payments. We promise to keep your payment the same from the time you sign up, as long as you’re with us! Cash payments are made at our Authorized Payment locations or at Authorized Agent locations.

You can also pay online on our Quick Pay Online page.

For assistance please call 1-888-807-0544 or visit our Contact Us page for more options.