Professional Installation Process

Sometimes you just have to wait for the good stuff. We know our installations take a little longer, but once it’s done you’re getting awesome high-speed Internet, on a Business Class line (in your home!), with no contract or credit check!




We get your Professional Installation scheduled as quickly as possible. We do our best to meet your preferred installation date and time, and we let you know by email, SMS, and phone when your installation will occur. Remember – someone 18 years of age or older with the authority to make decisions must be present during the entire installation.


Setup Your WiFi


The technician will help you learn how to add new devices to your new home WiFi connection, so you can get every device in your home connected as quickly as you want! Connect your phones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers and streaming devices to your connection and share the Unlimited Internet! Watch shows online, stream music, play games, and more at the same time!




Enjoy! This one’s almost not worth being a point, but then who wants a weird list that ends at 2? We never cap your data, throttle your speed, or ask you to sign a contract. It’s truly UNLIMITED INTERNET for you and your family to enjoy. We think that’s how the Internet was meant to be.

Installation Questions

Conexa wants you to get your service installed as quickly as possible, but we’re a month-to-month service so we need to have your first month of service and activation fee paid in-full before we schedule your installation. Once you’re first payment is made we get you scheduled ASAP! We will let you know by phone/text message/email as soon as your installation date is scheduled.
Conexa required a one-time Activation Fee to get your account setup. You will never have to pay anything above your plan amount after this first payment.  For example: You’re on our Conexa Unlimited Internet plan for $55 per month, and your one-time Activation Fee is $50, so to get your installation scheduled we must receive a payment of $105. After that your invoice will be just $55 a month!
Installation time and technician availability varies by service location and time of the year. We do our best to make sure you are scheduled as quickly as possible, but sometimes things happen that are simply out of our control. Inclement weather is a good example of something that may cause a delay. Installation times vary between 5 – 9 business days after your payment. We will send you updates as often as we can to make sure you stay up-to-date on your installation date and time, and we always try for your preferred installation date when getting it scheduled.