Referral Program

moneyThe Best Referral Program. Period.

Conexa customers are the best customers in the world. How do you thank the best customers in the world for telling their friends and family about our service? You give them the service for free! We believe in our service so much, and we love our customers so much, that we believe they deserve a FREE month of service for every single person they refer to us. No limits, no fine print, just an awesome deal for awesome people!

Here’s how it works

You tell someone about your awesome Conexa service and ask them to write down your customer number for when they place their order. Your referral places their order and gives us your customer number during the process. Boom. Done. As long your referral completes their order we give you your next month of service for FREE. We don’t even wait around to make sure they stick with us or any other steps. You just get a FREE month of service!

What if they forget or lose my customer number?

No problem! If they can at least give us your name and address we can get this thing squared away. We do our best to make sure you get your referral credit. This shouldn’t be hard for you, you’re bringing us new customers!

 Key Points

  • Each referral gets you ONE MONTH OF FREE SERVICE!
  • There’s NO LIMIT to how many referrals or FREE MONTHS you get!
  • Your credit applies toward your NEXT MONTH of service and each subsequent month after, not to your current month.
  • Your referral only needs your ACCOUNT NUMBER or your NAME & ADDRESS.