Conexa is high-speed Internet service that operates through a line run directly into your home. We operate on the same national fiber network as the big guys, but without the hassle! We don’t do contracts or credit checks and you can cancel your service at any time without a penalty!

I’m done with my cable company, I’m so ready for a no-contract option like Conexa! – Facebook Comment

Our purpose at Conexa is to support families across the country. We recognize that staying connected in today’s society goes hand in hand with the ability to access quality Internet so our goal is to make that simple.

The privilege of being backed by a National Fiber Network is that it gives us the opportunity to reach a lot of individuals and families. So, we believe it is important to be flexible and support them in unique ways.

Our desire is to keep families connected. We are committed to taking the incredible opportunity we have of providing Internet service to people across the country and using it as a platform to establish literacy initiatives and community-focused projects through Conexa Community. Our Unlimited Internet connects to a house but our heart for the family is the reason we say Conexa is FOR YOUR HOME.

coast to coast!
and growing!